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Divorce is a fact of life for many couples when they just can’t seem to “work it out.” Truth is, it’s not the end of the world, even if it seems like it is. A lot of people rush through their divorce because they want to get on with their lives, but you should be prudent. The choices you make during this difficult period will have effects that can last the rest of your life, and that’s why you need a good Denver divorce attorney to make sure your rights and interests are protected. Van Der Jagt Law Firm is in the business of helping families get through divorce with as little drama as possible, and we do that by making sure all your bases are covered legally, before the judge signs the divorce decree. Every divorce is different, and our Denver family law attorneys are experienced in every aspect of Colorado family law which means we always have someone to match your particular needs. There are many facets to a divorce. Colorado, like many states, is a no fault divorce state, which allows couples to better spend their time settling the practical aspects of the split, rather than arguing who’s responsible. Finances are one of the major things that will have to be dealt with. Fortunately, dividing assets and debts is fairly straightforward, as Colorado will almost always apportion these burdens equally. If you have children, child custody and child support will be top priorities, so having proper representation from a skilled Denver child custody attorney will be of capital importance.

Keeping expenses down is a top priority for Van Der Jagt Law firm. We prefer to work within a collaborative family law framework in the initial phase of any divorce, because it lends itself to a more peaceful outcome in most instances. Filing an uncontested divorce is ideal for everyone involved, so the first thing we will do is work with your spouse’s attorney to come to an agreement. There are other alternatives, however. Some couples prefer marital mediation/arbitration, which allows you and your spouse to sit down at a table in a neutral place in an un-confrontational manner to discuss your settlement. Legal separation is another method, particularly if religious concerns are a factor. If you believe your marriage was defective for one reason or another, annulments are yet another path. Van Der Jagt Law Firm is sensitive to a host of other divorce-related issues. Colorado courts are technically ‘gender blind’ when dealing with child custody, but you will still find judges who are old fashioned in their thinking, and for that reason we are especially strong on father’s rights and work to make sure fathers get their day in court. We are also strong advocates for children with disabilities in the courtroom, as they are often neglected in what can be an especially trying situation for them. Additionally, if your ex-spouse has deprived you of contact with your child by taking them out of the state or country, we are skilled in child abduction / kidnapping and will work tirelessly to get your child back to you. Van Der Jagt Law Firm covers all aspects of Colorado and Denver family law. If you’re thinking about a divorce, Van Der Jagt Law Firm is a Denver divorce attorney will make sure that your rights are protected. Even if you are already divorced, we can help you with child support modification if you find that your financial situation has changed and you need relief. And if you are not yet married, we can also help you negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement to preserve your assets. Feel free to schedule a free 30 minute consultation or fill out the form on the right and we will contact you at your convenience.

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